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Free Eurail Travel Pack

With your Eurail Pass you'll receive a complimentary Travel Pack.

Railway Map


The large fold-out railway map of Europe is essential while you're traveling. It also contains extra maps of nice train routes and an overview of reservation costs.


Download the map (30.5 Mb) on your phone or tablet, so you'll always have it with you on your trip.

Eurail Pass Guide

We've created a Pass guide that explains how the Pass works. You can download one in your preferred language below.

Please note that these guides are only printed once a year. Therefore some information may be more up-to-date on our website, like Extra Pass Benefits, Eurail Aid Offices and Airport - rail links.


Free Souvenir upon return of the Eurail survey


When you're done traveling, we'd love for you to fill in the Eurail Survey (Travel Diary) and send your Eurail Pass cover, including the ticket, back to us. The information in your travel diary will help us improve our product!


All you have to do is fill in your personal details and post your Pass cover (no stamp required). In return we'll send you a free Eurail souvenir and, if you want to, we'll return your Travel Diary.