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Do I need a reservation?

If you’re planning to see a lot in a short amount of time on your Eurail trip, then you’ll most likely need to buy some seat reservations for high-speed routes before you go. You can see which trains require a reservation in our timetable, or you can check by country or by train type.

Know your itinerary?


Search for your route and we'll tell you if you need a seat reservation.

Got a rough plan?


See where you're most likely to need additional seat reservations.

Know your trains?


Check our list of high-speed trains for details about reservations.

Can I avoid seat reservations?


We’re all about flexibility – most trains covered by your Eurail Pass don’t require seat reservations, so if you’re willing to take a slower route you can often avoid the extra cost. National trains will take you to all corners of Europe, and you can just hop on and off as you please. 


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What are seat reservations?


Still not sure about reservations? We have all the answers – find out what they are, how to book them and how much they cost.


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