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Scandinavian beauty


Scandinavia is something special no matter what season it is. Endless mountains, fjords, lakes and an amazing culture both in the cities and in the countryside. Get inspired by all of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Feel warmly welcomed into Copenhagen – Denmark's highly accessible and safe capital. In terms of costly capitals, it's up there with London and Amsterdam, but don't let that put you off. Across the city are various free attractions and activities to relieve you of heavy spending. Check out the popular National Museum set within the walls of an 18th century mansion. Another notable freebie is the Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery). Copenhagen is extremely easy to get around – either on foot or with a free city bike.


Gothenburg, Sweden

A mixture of natural beauty and man-made adventure, Gothenburg (Göteborg) is like one giant playground, just waiting for exploration. Visit Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, and Universeum, the science discovery center. Shop at Gothenburg’s trendy stores, and camp in its (often free) parks and campgrounds. What’s more, Gothenburg has one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline imaginable.


Oslo, Norway

Norway’s capital Oslo offers something for every traveler. Have a look inside the Royal Palace or visit Oslo’s beautiful Opera House. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the paintings in the National Museum, while children (and everyone young at heart) can have a great day in the TusenFryd Amusement Park. For a bit of Viking history, make sure you visit the Viking Ship Museum.

The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is one of the most spectacular trains you’ll ever travel on. It brings you onto Europe’s largest mountain plateau, offering views of waterfalls, frozen lakes and herds of wild reindeer. Stop off in the mountain station of Myrdal for a trip on the scenic and steep Flåm Railway, all the way down to the beautiful Aurlandsfjord.


Bergen, Norway

The charming city of Bergen, located on the Byfjorden fjord, is surrounded by no less than 7 mountains. Take the cable car up to Mount Ulriken for a magnificent view of the area. Stroll along the wooden buildings in Bryggen for a trip back into history and pay a visit to the lively Fish Market.

Travel back to Oslo with the Bergen Railway and enjoy the lovely scenery once again. The next day, travel from Oslo to Trondheim on the magnificent Dovre Railway. It will take you through wetlands and mountain ranges, where muskoxen live and trolls are said to rule!


Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is the third-largest city in Norway, and served as its capital during the Viking Age. Today, it’s a pleasant student town with many summer festivals. In the old center, check out Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, now a museum. For a pleasant combination of history and beach relaxation, visit Munkholmen Island in the Trondheim fjord.

From Trondheim, the Nordland Railway will take you as far north as north goes: above the Arctic Circle. Due to the length of this journey, we advise you to travel by night. This will also allow you to see the midnight sun in summer and the breathtaking Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in winter.


Bodo, Norway

The town of Bodo is the northernmost station of the Nordland Railway. Nature is at its very best here and hikers can spend days in the region’s many nature reserves. Take a ferry to the Lofoten Islands, one of the best places in the world to see Aurora Borealis. Go cycling and rock-climbing in the mountains or set out to sea to catch a glimpse of killer whales.

To get to Sweden take first a bus up to Narvik. From there, night trains run into Sweden and all the way down to Stockholm.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a sparkling city built on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges. It’s ranked among the most breathtaking capitals in the world. History, culture, world-class museums, natural beauty and modern city life combine for an unforgettable travel destination. From Gröna Lund amusement park to the beautiful City Hall and the Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum), you’ll find it all in this stunning capital city.


Malmö, Sweden

Beautiful and dynamic, Malmö is filled with charm. Malmö burst onto the scene in recent years with a huge renovation, and the construction of the impressive, five-mile long Öresund Bridge (Øresundsbron), connecting Malmö to Copenhagen. A true port city, Malmö boasts residents of more than 160 nationalities and 100 languages. After a day at the beach, be sure to check out the fantastic array of dining options.